Top Online Casinos Canada 2024

Online casinos have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years as nearly everything has made the move from IRL to the web. The move from brick-and-mortar buildings to online allows casinos to endlessly expand their game selection while lowering operating costs and they get to bring their Casino to the customer. Talk about being the best casinos in Canada. But you probably already know about all the pros that Online Casinos have. You’re here to learn what to look for in your online casino and, more importantly, which one you should join. What you’re looking for is a Casino that is:

When searching for the best Canadian casino online the number of choices that fit that description can be overwhelming. But we’ve got you.  Think of Top Online Casinos Canada as your one-stop-shop for everything online casinos. From extensive reviews of Canadian online casino sites and recommendations to guidance on all topics concerning web-based casinos.

We’re here to help you find the best Canadian online casinos, elevate your gameplay, and guide you in the world of online gambling within Canada. See our list of best Canadian casino sites for all of our Canadian players below.

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How We Rate the Best Online Casinos in Canada

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Online Сasino Rating Bonus Play
Nitro Casino Logo
100% BONUS UP TO $500
Paysafecard Logo
Neteller Logo
Mastercard Logo
Visa Logo
Nitro Review
Justspin Casino Logo
100 % BONUS UP TO $100 + 600 Free Spins
Neteller Logo
Paysafecard Logo
Visa Logo
Mastercard Logo
JustSpin Review
21com Casino Logo
100% BONUS UP TO $100 + 1,000 Free Spins
Paysafecard Logo
Neteller Logo
Mastercard Logo
Visa Logo
21Com Review
100% BONUS UP TO $100
Paysafecard Logo
Visa Logo
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Neteller Logo
Ultra Review
Neonvegas Casino Logo
Neon Vegas
500% UP TO $500 BONUS
Visa Logo
Paysafecard Logo
Neteller Logo
Mastercard Logo
Neon Vegas Review
How we rate top casinos

You may be looking at the list above and wonder how exactly we measure these casinos. It’s simple – We rate them by what we feel goes into making a good casino, and what we think players are looking for in an online casino. For example:

  1. Trusted Certification and licensing
  2. Advanced security
  3. Fast and simple deposit/withdrawals system with little to no fees
  4. Vast selection of gameplay
  5. Easy to use applications
  6. User-friendly interface
  7. Colorful and eye-grabbing graphics
  8. Casino bonuses, prizes, and fast payouts
  9. Overall gameplay

We’ve perfected our list of criteria so that only the top Canadian online casinos will pass while weeding out the rest.

Best Real Money Online Casinos in Canada

The best online casinos voted and rated by us. These casinos have proved to be top of the game when it comes to the world of online gambling. With eye-catching graphics, a modern layout, easy-to-use interface, and a plethora of gaming options available to you, from the classics like Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack, to slots, video poker, and live casino games. Highly-rated and backed by some of the most trustworthy names in regulatory bodies, these are the Best Real Money Online Casinos in Canada.

Are Online Casinos in Canada Legal?

It may seem too good to be true. The experience of playing in a Casino available to you anywhere with a wifi connection. For many years it wasn’t. But throughout the 1900s, the laws restricting gambling were slowly loosened. Starting with raffles for charity, the laws began to slowly crumble away until the first gaming machine was introduced in the ’80s. From then on, the laws surrounding the legality of gambling in Canada have remained fuzzy.

One law states that online gambling is only legal if operated outside of Canada, which is why online casinos owned and operated by BP Group Ltd. are legal (operated out of Malta) and why most online casino sites are licensed and regulated through the Malta Gaming Authority.

However, some top Canadian online casino sites are operated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is still technically in Canadian territory, but they are legal gambling sites. See! Grey area. But Canadian players need not worry, online casinos are legal when all the proper requirements are met, and so online casinos such as 21Com, NeonVegas, Nitro, and Ultra Casino are legal.

Gambling in the Provinces of Canada

Although Canada as a whole may have created laws and legislations concerning licensed and registered Casinos, whether a site or land-based, the actual legalizing and regulating of these establishments is up to the province they are in. There are general laws for Canadian gambling set in place (for example, the casino has to be operated offshore, except for the Kahnawake Gaming Commission) by the government of Canada, but the legalities of gambling are left to the governing provinces. Continue reading to find out if your province allows online gambling for Canadian players.

Northwest Territories

There are currently no land-based casinos in the Northwest Territories, however, online casinos are legal.


In Quebec, most gambling is legal such as: Lottery, Horse Racing, Video Lottery Terminals, Casinos, online casinos, Bingo, and Charitable gaming.


Nunavut does have a wide variety of legal gambling options available for its small population. There is charitable gambling, Sports Betting, Stand-alone gambling machines, Lottery, Horse racing, and online casinos available as legal forms of gambling for its residents.


In Saskatchewan, most gambling is legal such as: Lottery, Horse Racing, Video Lottery Terminals, Online Casinos, Casinos, and Charitable gaming.


Manitoba has legalized gambling in the following areas: Lottery, Horse Racing, Video Lottery Terminals, Online casinos, Casinos, and Charitable gaming.

Nova Scotia

Nova scotia has legalized the following forms of gambling: Lottery, Horse Racing, Video Lottery Terminals, Casinos, online casinos, and Charitable gaming.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick has similar laws concerning Quebec: the legal forms of gambling are Lottery, Horse Racing, Video Lottery Terminals, Casinos, online casinos, and Charitable gaming.


Ontario has the largest population compared to any other province or territory in Canada, and has extensively legalized gambling in the following areas: Casinos, Online casinos, Slot machines, Horse racing, Sports betting, Lottery, and Charitable gaming.

British Columbia

Gambling is legal in British Columbia, whether online or at a brick-and-mortar establishment. You can also gamble in Sports Betting, Horse Racing, and charitable gaming.


The Yukon does have some laws in place restricting what kind of gambling is and isn’t allowed. The only forms of gambling that are legal in the Yukon are as follows: gambling as a fundraiser for a non-profit and/or charity organization, online casinos, lottery, and sports betting.

Prince Edward Island

Having legalized different forms of gambling all the way back in 1976, PEI offers the following options for gambling to its residents for nearly 50 years: Sports Betting, Lottery, Horse Racing, Video Lottery Terminals, charitable games, online casinos, and land-based casinos.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador offer a wide selection of gambling options to its population, however, the interesting exception to this legalization is land-based casinos. The following are available: Lottery, Horse Racing, Sports Betting, Online gambling sites, and Video Lottery Terminals.


In Alberta, many forms of gambling are legal. In fact, gambling revenue accounts for 4% of the annual budget. All the legal forms of gambling in Alberta are Online Casinos, Casinos Lottery, Horse Racing, charitable gaming, and Video Lottery Terminals.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Gaming

For those who love the experience of driving to the casino, and chatting with new people as you stake real money to dealers and play for a chance to win all of it (or more) back, it may be hard to get into the world of online gaming. Below are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages to consider when making the transition from land-based casinos to one of the recommended best online casinos.


  • Mobility – Most online casinos have a mobile app that goes with it so you can play on the go.
  • Convenience – Being able to play your favorite casino games from the comfort of your couch is the ultimate convenience.
  • Easy to play – In Canada, especially in winter, it can be taxing having to drive even the shortest distance because of the snow and cold which negatively affect the road conditions. But if the casino is in your lap, then it’s oh so easy to begin playing.
  • Bonuses – Online casinos want you to join them, so in order to attract new loyal players they offer a pretty extensive line-up of great bonus offers for registering, playing, and even just signing up.
  • More game choices – The great thing about online casinos is that they are not space limited due to a brick-and-mortar building, they instead have the great ability to constantly add to their ever-growing list of new games available to their players.
  • Diversity of choice – Because of the lack of restrictions space-wise, you have more room to add more games, and it’s with this vast selection that it’s only common that your collection would become more diverse. You’ll are practically guaranteed that you’ll find something you like.


  • Very little social interaction – depending on the person this may or may not be a bad thing, but the only truly difficult to fix hiccup is that you don’t get that social interaction. However, the best online casinos are battling this through live casino games.
  • Processing times – Although most Canadian online casinos have pretty quick processing times, they are still not as quick as going to a brick-and-mortar casino to stake and win some money.
  • More easily addictive – Canadian casinos online and their allure of welcome bonuses and a registration casino bonus, paired with its convenience, and lack of self-boundaries can all contribute to problem gambling*.

* If you or someone you know is struggling with problem gambling or gambling addiction, please visit this site.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but hopefully, looking at these pros and cons will help make the transition from a land-based casino to the best Canadian online casino the simplest decision ever.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino in Canada

If you want to know the details that go into what makes a casino good, or you want to choose the best online casino for yourself, we have some insight into criteria you should keep an eye out for. These are all the factors all Canadian players should consider when looking for the top online casino.

Backing and Licensing

Canadian Casinos such as Neon Vegas, Justspin, 21Com, Nitro Casino, and Ultra Casino are some of the most trusted online casinos in Canada because they are backed by the main regulatory bodies within the online casino world. Being licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and operated by BP Group Ltd. is a guarantee that every game you play is fair, transparent, and trust-worthy. When it comes to a new online casino, they first need to be inspected and tested by regulatory bodies, such as Malta Gaming Authority, to ensure that the casino is not only legit but fair as well. If all standards are met, they will pass the inspection and will be licensed. Once they are licensed they can begin operating. So, fellow Canadian players, looking for that trusted backing and licensing is #1 when searching through online casino sites. And in the world of online casinos, being backed by the Malta Gaming Authority and operated by BP Group Ltd. is a golden ticket to fun and secure gameplay in a casino that you can trust.

How does Choosing A MGA Licensed Operator Protect Canadian Players?

Legitimacy in the world of online gaming is essential. This not only protects the online casino site but also ensures protection for:

  • the Player
  • their Data
  • their Information
  • their Money.

MGA is that regulatory body. Ever since online casinos started becoming more popular, MGA has been at the frontline of licensing and regulation. Situated in Malta, the MGA was able to get ahead of the competition as Malta became one of the first countries to legalize and regulate online gambling. Since then it has become one of the spearheads of the remote gaming industry and the Malta Gaming Authority’s creation. With a reputation of strict and well-structured regulation for online casinos and online gambling, the Malta Gaming Authority is responsible for all land-based and online gaming, licensing, and regulation which accounts for about 10% of the world’s remote online operators. If your a Canadian player who wants an honest, trustworthy, safe, and secure gaming experience, then an online casino backed by the Malta Gaming Authority is the way to go.

So when your safety and security depend on it, having a trusted licensing body backing the online casino of your choice is super important.

Casino Security

When looking into Casino sites in Canada, every player wants to feel reassured that they and their information is safe and secure. From data encryption, safety mechanisms, and secure information holding, Canadian casino sites are doing all that they can to make sure that you and your data are safe. Something else you’ll want to consider is who this online casino is backed by. An apple tree will never yield oranges and a shady background never produces a trustworthy casino. You’ll want to make sure that the online casino you are considering is licensed and backed by legit regulatory bodies and groups – such as BP Group Ltd. (company number C52434) and Malta Gaming Authority (License number MGA/B2C/203/2011).

Online Casino Bonuses in Canada

People bet in Casinos to win. So it will make a player very happy if they are rewarded before they even touch a game. This is where Bonus offers come in. Whether for registration, loyalty, playing a certain game, or depositing, the best online casinos offer a casino bonus, at the very least welcome bonuses. This can be real cash prizes, real money bonuses, or even free daily spins. Welcome bonuses are the most popular, and most alluring, for casino bonuses. JustSpin offers $500 dollars in deposit bonuses as well as 600 free spins, Neon Vegas Casino has a limited offer of 500% up to $500 in cash bonus, and Nitro Casino offers daily rewards regardless if you win or not. These types of bonus offers are practically expected of every casino and come in the shape of bonus spins, real money, or game credit. So shop around and find bonus offers that suit you and your needs!

Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements are the sum of money, usually equaling a multiple of the bonus offer, that you are required to play (wager) before you can collect your bonus and winnings and withdraw them. For example, if the wagering requirement for your online casino site is 30x that means that before you can collect your bonus, or withdraw any winnings from the bonus, you need to wager 30x what you deposit + bonus equal. So if you deposit $50 and the deposit bonus is 100% of that you’re bonus + deposit balance is $100. But before you can withdraw that, or any winnings you make off of that money, you will need to wager 30x that value. So 30 x $100 is $3000 that you will need to wager before you can collect your bonus and withdraw it or any winnings you made with it.

Deposits and Withdrawals

In order to begin gameplay, you need to deposit money into your casino account. The best Canadian online casinos will have a plethora of deposit and withdrawal methods available to you as well as deposit bonuses.

You can expect deposit bonuses if you deposit a larger amount, but if you’re only beginning then each online casino will have a deposit minimum. This can be anywhere from $10 – $100. Either way, there should still be a deposit bonus as a reward for making a deposit.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the time needed for processing and Deposit/withdrawal requests – fast payouts are the best payouts – and if there are any fees – you don’t want surcharges eating up your winnings – or minimum/maximum withdrawal amounts. These fees, minimums/maximums, and charges will depend on which online casino you choose to play with.

For example, Neon Vegas Casino has a $10 deposit minimum, a $50 minimum withdrawal (capped at $5000) and as for fees, if you haven’t played through as much money as you’re withdrawing then there will be withdrawal fees. Other than that it looks like 0%. And with Neon Vegas you should expect your withdrawn Canadian dollars to appear in your account within 72 hours. One of the most important parts of Deposit methods and withdrawal methods is variety. Look for the different banking options offered when it comes to deposit/withdrawal methods for your online casino. Some of the more common online casino payment methods are:

  • Paypal
  • Trustly
  • Skrill
  • Interac
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Klarna

The best online casinos in Canada will offer most, if not all, of the options above both for deposit and withdrawal.

Game Selection

The next set of criteria to look at when considering which Canadian online casino to play at is game selection. You’ll want a classic lineup of popular games of course, but you’ll also want a broad selection of new games to try out as well. A varied selection of

  • table games
  • card games
  • video poker
  • online slots
  • live dealer games
  • casino classic games such as poker, casino roulette, baccarat, and blackjack

These are the minimum of what types of games should be offered when it comes to casinos online. Just make your choice and enjoy responsibly!

Table Games

Table games are synonymous with the word casino. The best Canadian casino sites will offer an array of themed games for Blackjack, Roulette, baccarat, craps, etc., whether with a live dealer or simulated game. You can count on the stakes being high and the rush of adrenaline as you try to outsmart your opponents. And casino sites in Canada will have a fair amount of risk, and the chance of reward to keep every game new and exciting.

Online Slots

Top slot games are tons of fun in and of themself, but with added graphics and storylines, online casino sites have made them even more addicting. You have a wide selection of types of online slot games to choose from such as classic 3 reel slot, 5 reel slot, 3D slots, all with different themes and stories such as Aztec Gold Megaways, Solar Temple, Chicago Gold, and Take the Bank. Every Canadian online casino should have a varied selection, but the best Canadian casino sites will have a near-endless collection that is added to every day.

Game Software RTP Key Features
Game of Thrones Microgaming 95.07% 15 paylines, 243 ways to win, and 5 reels
The Catfather Pragmatic Play 98.10% 9 paylines, 5 reels, 3 rows, 4x multiplier
Lucky Leprechaun Microgaming 96.83% 20 paylines, 5 reels, Bonus games & bonus spins
Star Mania NextGen 97.87% 10 paylines, 5 reels, 3 rows, max win is larger than others
Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Barcrest 98% 20 paylines, 5 reels, 3 rows, cool features

Video Poker

A fun, easy, and convenient way to play poker, Video Poker is based on five-card draw poker but without the live dealer and the other players. More than a game of chance, you can actually learn how to skillfully play Video Poker and thus raise your odds to the odds you would have at a regular table game of poker played with real money.

Progressive Jackpots

If you haven’t heard of Progressive Jackpots, then you are missing out on yet another chance to win big. Progressive jackpot slots are basically slot games but whenever a player doesn’t win, that staked money is sent to a pool instead, which is then held until the next person who wins the slot game will receive all of that payout.

Live Casino

Most Canadian casino sites are stepping up their online casino games with an added virtual realistic touch. With Live Casino, you are taken to a room with a semi-realistic avatar that is dealing and guiding the game. In Live Casino you are also able to chat live with other players through a live chat on the screen, bringing the social aspect back to your favorite games. This added feature is now becoming commonplace to online casinos in Canada as it is popular for bringing the live casino experience right to you.

Customer Service

Customer service is often overlooked when considering what top online casino site to play with. But if you run into problems with gameplay, withdrawals, or just have a question about terms and conditions then having a live chat available to you is essential. Live chat, customer support via phone, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page are all valuable resources to consider when choosing the best online casino for you.

Mobile Apps

When considering which online casino in Canada to choose as your go-to, whether or not they have a mobile app or web app should play a big part. Usually, newer casinos will have a just as easy-to-use mobile casino app to use to continue your gameplay wherever there is a wifi connection. Mobile casinos allow you to continue playing on your commute to and from work, or during long line-ups, or even just away from your laptop. Mobile casinos are handy, but the best ones will have the following:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Striking graphics
  • Fits your whole screen

So remember to take a look into whether or not the online casino site has an additional mobile casino for its players to use.

How to Sign-up at an Online Casino Site

Okay, you’ve now found the best online casino for Canadian players. It operates in Canadian dollars, it’s safe, secure, and licensed, with an impressive selection of games, and a quick and easy withdrawal/deposit process. It’s everything you need in a Canadian online casino. But how do you sign up? Don’t worry that’s the easy part.

Step 1

Hit register.

Step 2

You’ll be directed through the basic information they’ll need such as name, email, password creation, and phone number.

Step 3

Address and any additional information needed to make sure that you are a real person and from Canada as Canadian online casinos are geared towards Canadian players.

Step 4

Agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5

And then you’re registered! You can start by either depositing to begin playing or exploring the site and seeing what games are available.

Recap Casino Q + A

What are bonus spins?

Bonus spins are an example of a bonus offer that online casinos have for their new players. When you register and/or deposit then you are gifted with a set amount of spins for a chance to win some prizes.

Is online gambling legal in Canada?

Yes! Although regulations and legalization are done through the province’s discretion, all provinces have legalized online gambling.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering Requirements are a multiple of a deposit + bonus amount that you need to wager before being able to withdraw any winnings earned with that bonus money. Usually around 10x – 50x.

Are there casinos for high rollers?

If you prefers staking more on casino games, then you’re probably looking for Canadian online casinos that will meet your high roller tendencies. Not to worry, there are many sites in Canada that allow you to deposit whichever amount you wish.

How to Deposit at an Online Casino in Canada

Most Casino sites in Canada have a straightforward approach once it comes to depositing the funds needed to begin playing, but the best online casinos will make it an easy 4-step process. Neon Vegas Casino, 21, Nitro Casino, JustSpin, and Ultra Casino all offer a quick and easy deposit process with minimal processing time for clearing the funds. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose deposit method
  2. Choose amount
  3. Press enter and you’ll be redirected to a secure launch site to your preferred bank, PayPal account, etc., where you can securely log-in.
  4. Once finished it will take you back to the site to finalize payment

And boom! You’re all set up and now only have to wait for your casino site of choice to process and confirm your deposit. Having a quick processing time ensures that you can begin betting and playing right away. And a deposit bonus (offered by most Canadian casinos) is a cherry on top.

Is there a limit on how much you can deposit?

Many online Canadian casinos will have a limit on how much you can deposit at one time. The amount depends on various factors such as what deposit method you choose and the online casino you are choosing to deposit into. The average deposit maximum for online casinos is anywhere from $2000 – $5000. However, you may not be able to deposit that much depending on which deposit method you choose, as your provider may have deposit limits set in place as well. Of course, there will be some casinos that offer a ‘no-limit deposit’, or some casinos with an even lower deposit limit, but the average is usually in the $2000 – $5000 dollar range. If that range isn’t suited to you and what you want to deposit then you will most likely have to make multiple deposits over the course of a couple of days and/or deposit methods.

Are there any fees for online casino deposits?

Any fees incurred through depositing money into an online casino account will be from your bank. Online casino sites don’t charge for a deposit into your online casino account. Instead, they set a deposit minimum that will offset any charges they might incur by your deposit. But even then, the charge is dependent on your account and wouldn’t be large enough to eat much money. So if you do find a charge in your bank statement, it’s not from your chosen online casino, it’s from the bank.

Best Deposit Options for Online Casinos in Canada

We mentioned above different deposit and withdrawal options for online casino sites in Canada, but we haven’t narrowed down to what our preferred (and expected) method of pay is. When looking at your options you want 3 things: fast, secure, and easy-to-use. Our favorite deposit/withdrawal options below are all of that and more.


This is one of the best casino deposit methods. You can make your payment quickly, anonymously and securely. In general, the online casino paysafe method is chosen by thousands of players across Canada.


Interac has been around for a while for online casinos in Canada. Known for its security and speed, using Interact is our go-to when depositing funds into our online casino account.


Being able to use debit or credit cards in order to make deposits is so convenient and easy, and Visa is the most common type of debit/credit card available and is widely accepted.


Coming in close behind visa is Mastercard. Using your MasterCard credit card in order to deposit funds into your account is quick and easy and most of all secure.


Paypal really lives up to its name of ‘pal’. This third-party intermediary between your bank account and cards to the online casino site adds that extra layer of protection for you, your data, and your money.

Use any of the options above and you will have your funds transferred safely and securely, and they will ultimately be processed faster than any other deposit method.

Withdrawing Online Casino Funds

Whether you’re looking to withdraw your winnings or your deposit bonus or any other bonus offers, you probably have some questions as to how it’s done. Well, once you:

  • meet wagering requirements (as mentioned above).
  • are withdrawing above the minimum withdrawal amount.
  • have the appropriate withdrawal method (usually the same options as deposit methods).

Then you are free to begin withdrawing your winnings and/or bonus amount. You just choose how you’d like the money withdrawn and enter in all your information through the online casino sites secure page, and then they’ll begin processing your request. The usual wait time is anywhere between 72 hours to 5 business days. However, some online casinos will deposit the money into your bank account even quicker – sometimes within 24 hours.

How to withdraw your winnings

  1. Meet wagering requirements
  2. Be within the withdrawal limit
  3. Choose your preferred withdrawal method
  4. Enter your information
  5. Confirm information
  6. Wait 1-2 days for processing
  7. And voila! It’s that easy.

How much can you withdraw at a time from an online casino?

If you win big on casino sites in Canada, there may be some withdrawal limits that you need to know about. It may be a large number spread out over a few days, or one large withdrawal with a long processing time, or daily limits with a weekly cap. However the online casinos do it, there is no way around the withdrawal guidelines set in place. The exact number changes between casinos: for example, JustSpin,, Ultra Casino, Nitro Casino, and Neon Vegas all have a max withdrawal limit set to $5000 per day with a processing time of 1-2 days. Which is pretty high and quick in comparison with their competitors. One more thing to consider is withdrawal fees. Withdrawal fees depend on what amount your withdrawing, your withdrawal method, and other factors, but anyway you put it, you can expect at least a few dollars in withdrawal fees.

Best Game Manufacturers in Canada

If you are looking for quality gameplay within your casino site of choice then you have to consider exactly who manufactured the games and casino software within the website. The best Game Manufactures/software providers in the game right now are:


Microgaming has been around since the very beginning of internet development (founded in 1994) and is basically a household name when it comes to software providers. They specialize in slot games as well as live casino games and have over 800 casino games to their name. Microgaming is known for its sharp graphics and audio in slot games as well as live games which is important in order to create a similar ambiance to what you find in a land-based casino. They also work with innovative new gaming systems such as VR.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers in the casino games market since its inception in 2007. Focused on innovation and convenience, Pragmatic play has created over 100 engaging games that have you coming back for more. They are heavily mobile


Habanero produces the highest quality slots available on some of the best online casinos. Since beginning in 2012, Habanero has worked to produce over 100 games that are available in over 28 different languages. They also have a guaranteed RTP percentage for every slot game. Habanero also works with dozens of currencies, one of them being Cryptocurrency. Constantly adding to their growing collection of high-quality games, Habanero is a top-of-the-line manufacturer.

What is Better – New or Established Online Casino

Established casino pros

  • More industry experience
  • Solid foundation
  • Trustworthy
  • Works
  • Reliable

Established casino cons

  • Outdated interface
  • Outdated graphics

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice when it comes to choosing between an established or brand spanking new casino. It depends on what exactly you’re looking for.

New Casino Pros

  • New software
  • Newer games
  • Modern, eye-catching graphics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Trustworthy (if licensed with a known regulatory body)
  • More promotions and bonuses

New Casino Cons

  • Less industry experience
  • Less reliable
  • No time to work out quirks

Now that you got the basics of online casinos down, and you’ve used our handy guide to find an online casino in Canada that is perfect for you. But you see that it was founded only 6 months ago. This is a pretty normal occurrence in the world of online Canadian gambling. Online gambling hasn’t been around forever. In Canada, the first online gambling site was launched in 1996. But since then, the online gambling scene has grown tremendously, so much so that in 2019, online casinos rivaled any land-based casino. So that being said, you can say that most casinos in Canada are relatively new. However, the question remains: Is a new online casino better than an established casino? The answer: It depends on what you’re looking for in your casino site.

Great casino bonus, such as bonus spins? ➡️➡️➡️New casino
More reliable? ➡️➡️➡️Established Casino
Fun graphics? ➡️➡️➡️New Casino
More experience? ➡️➡️➡️Established Casino

Online Casinos in Canada that Pays Real Money

The worst thing in the world is when you’re gearing up about something and are about to take that first step, and then you realize that it isn’t what you expected. Online Casino payouts are the same way. You put real money into the best online casino in Canada only to realize that they don’t pay out real money just credits or ‘game-points’. The reason that most Canadian players begin playing in Canadian casinos is that adrenaline rush of risk and reward; risking your money for an even greater reward amount of money. You put cash in for the chance to win more cash back. Online casinos are no different. Canadian players that play online slots, live casino games, table games, sports betting, or any other online casino games do so because they want to play for real money.

Well, not to worry, there are plenty of online casinos that pay real money. A few of the options we’ve mentioned already: JustSpin21Neon Vegas, and Ultra Casino are just some of your choices in Canada that offer not only demo, non-deposit games but live casino games as well that come complete with a live dealer and real money being staked. If live dealer games aren’t what you’re looking for, you can also play online slots, table games, etc., for real money instead of online site points as well. You just need to make sure you deposit and stake the money when playing the game, don’t just play the demo mode.

Staking real money and receiving real money rewards after playing brings back that rush of adrenaline you would receive in any brick-and-mortar Casino. This is why casino sites that offer the option of real-money gameplay will always be superior to other establishments that only offer credits or ‘points’.

Top Online Casinos – FAQ

Is there such a thing as a legit online casino?

Yes! Within the online gambling world, there are regulatory body’s that handle inspecting, licensing, and regulation of online casinos. So any online casino site has to be inspected and licensed before going live. These are the ‘legit’ online casinos.

Do I need to be rich to begin playing?

No! Many online casinos have minimum deposits, but you can find great Canadian online casinos that offer low deposit minimums such as $5 – $10 in order to begin playing with real money.

How do I sign up and join an online casino?

For most Canadian online casinos the process is simple: Just click register, enter your information, agree to terms and conditions, and boom! You’re registered.

Can I play for real money on a casino site?

Yes! In order to play with real money, you first need to deposit the money into your casino account and then bet with that money. Then anything you win will be in real money.


William James Higgins

Casino & Sports Expert

William James Higgins is the Senior Casino & Sports Expert at BOCS10 Website. His years of experience and passion for the casino industry in Canada has culminated in his desire to educate new and regular players alike. His favourite game is themed video slots. An accomplished writer and editor, William loves to hike trails and fish in the summer months when away from the office.

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